Outer Limits Adventure Park


Galactic Arcade

With nearly 20 games, Outer Limits offers some of the best and most fun arcade titles currently available. Games such as Jurassic Park, Big Foot Crush, Sonic Kids Basketball, Air Hockey, Ice Ball Ally and so many more. 

Laser Tag

Our multi-level laser tag arena will be the talk of your kids for days. Laser Tag like you’ve never experienced it. Complete your mission, protect your team, but BEWARE….. the ARENA STRIKES BACK!

Gravity Climbing walls

Do you have what it takes to get to the top? Challenge yourself or go head to head with another to see who can climb these multiple challenge walls. Get to the top and impress everyone. Who will be crowned the cliffhanger champion?

Planet Playground

Planet Playground is perfect for your little ones to climb, crawl, play, and explore. All designed with safety in mind, your child will have so much fun that they’ll be sleeping in the car on the way home.